you were falling asleep
as i said this:
that its a shame we’re not
physicists, how i could figure
out god’s secret sciences
when your hands are to me,
your lips housing
a silkworm’s heaven
heaving me as you breathe

when we kiss / calculus (i think
it was calculus… i create collages;
it couldabeen gym. or biology.
but, i’m sure it was an intricate math)
explodes from the top of my skull
and reboots genesis; the pearly black
hand of baby jesus ascends from
the manger etching cave drawings
on our walls: stick figured maasai
chasing down gazelle, the blueprints
for the universe hidden in their bellies;
dark hued elders hewn from the bowels
of creation pass down this knowledge
gained, the beginning of egungunomics
- the miscegenation of math and language:
the origins for love….
but you’re asleep and cant hear how heavy
i sing of you in after-words afterwards…
and you missed seeing me naked
before my keyboard explaining
the square roots of origami and orgasm
to Tehuti through the status updates
of our twitter pages…

but how beautifully obese we are;
my nose ensconced to shoulder-blades
smelling every pore where god passes
between us / how this is as cocaine,
our collective chemicals in every crevice
- an addiction unafraid of death / unaware
to any perception of danger.

in lesser hands
this would almost be lethal,
this love. and i do love you
(hard enough to beat the band!)

deeply, so foolishly / and seeing
the wisdom in it.


mafonics (kinda like ebonics… but really it’s just a metaphor for math. and sex), upfromsumdirt © 2009. (via upfromsumdirt)